Debunking the stereotype fairytale knight

Debunking the stereotype fairytale knight

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The appearance of the green ogre swamp on the magical political scene has revolutionized the concept of most people on the fables and fairy tales.


It turned out that most of the protagonists of these genres is just a little intrusive creatures, which absolutely insolent daring way disrupt the order on how exceptional the swamps. And as hereinafter such rascals like ?! Therefore, comes to the rescue Shrek - the form of denying all the canons of beauty and perfection. This is how the first and by calling a huge surprise - discussed the best part of my animation - won the hearts of viewers. Who expected it to be so entertaining way to use the most famous sequences in such films as even "The Matrix"? The strength, the power and the power of the first part of "Shrek" was just boundless astonishment, who thanks to a slightly different side to look at the most famous fairy tales. This type of reading are to himself, that we all know the ending and moral, while "Shrek" successfully refuted all the stereotypes and not left to the fairy band of a single dry thread, proving that even princesses have their dark secrets, and the dragon can love with all my heart ... is not it charming? Imagine a loner, the largest in the world and najzieleńszego loner. It is our main character named Shrek. It is the essence of the species ogres, where people are very afraid, without any valid reason. They blame them for all their woes and sometimes try to arrange for such a creature hunting with beaters, but the ogre outwit them is child's play. Shrek exists quietly on his swamp, has a stable lifestyle and does not foresee any changes. But fate turns out to be exceptionally cruel to him ...


One day he meets extremely talkative Donkey and quite accidentally saves his life, for which this furry pet is eternally grateful to him. The 'reward' the company decides to keep his greened wybawicielowi ... This is how to reach the cottage Shrek echoes of politics: gifted with extraordinary stature Lord Farquaad drives in a merciless way beyond the borders of his kingdom all the fairy-tale creatures. Using torture, trying to learn their secret meeting places.


It encourages people to capture these creatures and features for this high award. In a short time he manages to realize his foul plan. Frightened 'bajkowcy' decide to settle for ... the swamp. Before you have time to marry Shrek the threshold of his hut, the camp is already distributed and there is no way to move it somewhere else.


Desperate loner must set out with a talking Donkey as a guide to the castle lord Farquadaa, with a view to the ultimate explanation of the whole matter and to obtain ownership of the marshes in writing. Travelers get in the middle of the tournament, whose prize is simply unimaginable honor reflection beautiful princess Fiona from the clutches of cruel dragon lord and provide it to the wedding.


The winner of the tournament is unexpectedly Shrek, which for the execution of Farquaad promises to swamp on the property.


It is in this way begins the greatest adventure of his life, he initially curses in his mind, if only because of the constant presence of a donkey at his side ... the first time in my life I can say that dubbing in a film does not irritate me at all. Polish language version is at a very high level of accuracy is surprising selection of actors.


Dialogues do not arouse disgust and Donkey performed by Jerzy Stuhr is a great improvement from Eddie Murphy! Zbigniew Zamachowski also surprising as the ogre, and Adam Frency as Lord Farquaad is simply amazing! Unable to move, of course, all the fun of the English version, but effectively replaced by references to Polish films, which for most viewers is even more understandable and therefore funnier. Add to that the great technical side, extremely juicy colors and precise image in the form of a release (even facial expressions), and a great script and the way animation - get extraordinary work, next to which can not be ignored. Intelligent entertainment provided at one hundred percent! I do not deny that each subsequent part of the "Shrek" also had something in itself - the second: the incomparable Puss in Boots and Oslo pacifiers, and the third: small ogres and the invasion of the evil characters from fairy tales, but it is undeniable that only the "Shrek" the number one had the elements of magic, which gripped the hearts of the audience. Personally, I would happily come back from time to time on these mysterious swamp where you can wash your teeth unique worms take care toothpaste and bubble bath in the mud. Around the peace, silence, nature sounds ... Quite suddenly arrives a donkey and you start talking, and soon afterwards the rest of the campaign cheerful invasion begins! "Let's set the facts: you will be hammered and chased the dragon for a doll to F