Valorant Character Guide

Valorant Character Guide

Standing in the cold and staring in via the frosted window, it would seem to be everybody and their mum has been given access to the Valorant closed beta. It’s not fun to be left out, but instead of merely waiting for access, you need to start preparing. We’ve put together a Valorant character guide that’ll provide you with a quick synopsis of how every Agent plays, so you’re ready to pick the one that suits you greatest the second you get access.

Valorant characters: who’s who and what does what
When you finally jump into Valorant – it’ll come, we swear! – you’ll find 5 Agents unlocked by default, with more gained after a short sequence of play. We’ve cut up the list below between beginning Agents and unlockable Agents so you may have an thought of who you’ll begin with and the place to move onto afterward.

Beginning Agents

Class: Controller

Grizzled soldier Brimstone is the man to pick for those who want to control the battlefield and command their team. His signature Sky Smoke ability drops as much as three smoke clouds using a tactical map and is without doubt one of the finest powers in the game on both attack and defense. Stim Beacons increase fire rate, and his incendiary is the right Spike defense tool. Oh, and his Orbital Strike Ultimate can be utilized to kill an enemy halfway across the map if you really feel like it.

Brimstone is a close to essential pick on most Valorant teams, making him an ideal character to study for all players. Even if your aim isn’t superb, the simple smoke and supreme placements let you help your staff out massively as Brimstone, all you must do is be taught the maps.

Class: Duelist

Jett has the instruments to outmaneuver any other Agent in the field. Her signature is a dash that can be utilized to cross harmful openings and surprise enemies, while Updraft jumps can increase Jett to new hiding spots or surpass defensive limitations comparable to Sage’s ice wall. Fastfire smokes can be curved to dam sightlines for brief moments. Provided your goal is true, her Blade Storm final is capable of wiping out the complete enemy team.

Jett is not a simple character to play, and without the support of her teammate’s skills, she’s unlikely to achieve much within the match. We only suggest taking part in Jett once you’re comfortable with every map and can throw out talents on a second’s notice.


Class: Duelist

A counterpoint to Jett, Phoenix trades mobility for a powerful suite of entry powers. Counter-Strike fans will really feel right at residence here because of his Curveball flashbang. His signature Hot Palms ability works each as a molotov and a recovery tool – Phoenix heals from the effects of his own fire -, and his Blaze wall, as soon as mastered, can be used to block sightlines or force enemies back. Finally, his Run it Back Ultimate gives you a limited-time chance to push forward and secure that entry kill without risking your neck in the process.

Phoenix is a incredible first selection for those moving over to Valorant, especially from shooters like CS: GO. He’s obtained the instruments to push sites on his own and may self-heal when you get into trouble. Just be sure you practice his Curveball controls sufficient to avoid blinding your own team.


Class: Sentinel

Ostensibly the game’s healer, Sage is much more than a easy Medic. While she does come with a recharging orb that may restore health to herself or an ally, her remaining toolset is arguably even better. Barrier Orb places an Ice Wall capable of stopping pushes, boosting allies to new sightlines or defending the Spike, and Gradual Orb is an infuriating tool for opponents to deal with. Her Resurrection final can shift the chances of a shedding combat, or can even act as bait to earn a kill on a distracted enemy.

Sage is another implausible starter class in Valorant, though you will need to apply her Barrier Orb wall placement. Put the time in and you’ll prove invaluable to your team. Very similar to Brimstone, you’ll hardly ever see a Valorant side with out a Sage on their team, and played accurately she’s one of the toughest Agents to beat on defense.


Class: Initiator

Intelligence professional Sova is among the first Agents in Valorant to hate when the enemy staff is taking part in him well. Recon Bolt could be fired from safety to reveal the enemy positions, forcing them to relocate or organising straightforward kills for your self or your allies. He excels on the attack, pushing defenders out of place with Shock Bolts or through darts from his Owl Drone. His Hunter’s Fury Ultimate is capable of hitting enemies by walls from half the map away and will reveal the placement of anybody struck.

Due to the various bounces and cost power of his arrows, Sova is far from the easiest Agent to master in Valorant. If you happen to’re the form of one that’s comfortable to place within the time studying arrow photographs for each single map, your Sova shall be indispensable, however for those who prefer to freestyle it each match, we’d counsel avoiding the electric archer.

Unlockable Agents

Class: Initiator

Another common aggressive choice, Breach has all the instruments an attacking side may ask for. Flash Point can blind enemies hiding round corners, Fault Line staggers foes by partitions, and Aftershock obliterates anybody hiding in a cubby. His Rolling Thunder ultimate is likely one of the greatest within the game, capable of clearing a complete plant site and throwing anybody caught into the air, dazing them for a brief time.

All of his powers work by walls, with many requiring a wall to be used. For this reason, Breach is a more advanced Agent. You want a superb understanding of the maps, sightlines and hiding spots to put his Flash Point and Aftershock to good use. Mixed with Brimstone, he’s an incredibly threatening offensive drive, and one you possibly can expect to see on many professional teams.


Class: Sentinel

The last word lurk character. If you like waiting on the opposite side of the map to catch out any pushy enemies, Cypher is your man. Spycam keeps areas under watch and can mark enemies with an infuriating dart that should be manually removed. Tripwires force foes to tread caretotally or be dazed and revealed, and his Cyber Cages can gradual and block enemies. Cypher’s Neural Theft Ultimate also can scan a fallen opponent to reveal the situation of all surviving players on their crew by walls.

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