Totally Different Types Of Security Seals And Their Advantages

Totally Different Types Of Security Seals And Their Advantages

With today's concern of terrorism, cargo theft, and tampering, safety is a prime priority for the storage and transportation of essential goods. Security seals are effective tools for deterring and detecting unauthorized access, theft, or tampering. But like with most things, there is no one-dimension-fits-all approach to safety seals. There are different types of seals that perform greatest under sure circumstances and for different tasks.

Listed below are totally different types of safety seals and their specific advantages.

Cable seals. Cable seals are durable seals which can be used to seal valves, locked doors, and different objects that have a small opening by way of which a cable wire can be inserted. Some cable seals meet ISO 17712 scores for high security, so can be utilized for high-safety situations like international cargo shipping. Completely different size jobs require different cable lengths, though extra cable length may be simply trimmed. Additionally they come in different cable diameters, typically starting from 1.5mm to 5mm.

Bolt seals. Bolt seals are another high-safety seal option which might be designed with a fancy locking mechanism yet are self-locking so do not require tools and are easy to place in place. They have a steel bolt and a tamper-evident body half which might be manually connected to type a seal. They're customizable by shade, print, and barcoding for additional safety layers. These seals are ideal for containers, trailer door latches, and cross border shipments. These heavy duty seals require a bolt cutter to be removed.

Fixed-length plastic seals. Fixed-length plastic seals are among the strongest type of plastic seal, with breaking strengths starting from 80-135lbs. These seals work exceptionally well for securing cargo for truck shipments. Fixed-size seals are inexpensive, so they're a good option when value is a concern.

Plastic pull-tight seals. Pull-tight seals are just like fixed-length plastic seals, except that they come in a wider variety of breaking strengths and are adjustable to match specific needs. For instance, pull-tight seals can be utilized for sealing hazardous waste, fire extinguishers, cash bags, vehicle doors, and more. Adjustable plastic seals are a great option when you will have various needs as they are versatile.

Wire seals. Wire seals even have multiple varieties similar to plastic pull-tight seals, but their metal wires make are less seemingly due to break. These are ideal for when the seals must fit by means of small openings.

Metal strap seals. Metal strap seals are similar to fixed-length plastic seals, apart from the material. Their material makes them more durable than plastic strap seals. You possibly can increase the security stage of metal strap seals with customized numbering, printing, and barcoding. Just like the plastic option, metal strap seals are a good selection for trucking cargo.

Padlock seals. Padlock seals are relatively small seals and are extremely simple to use. They typically are used to prevent doors from being opened. Wire padlock seals are perfect for securing meters and drums, while plastic padlock seals are ideal for securing meals and beverage carts, first aid kits, and zipper bags.