How Legit Are DIY Drug Testing Kits?

How Legit Are DIY Drug Testing Kits?

Your dealer says it’s the good things, but how will you be so sure? DIY drug testing kits are legal and you should buy them off the internet to test the safety of your medicine earlier than taking them. Sounds legit right? Sadly not always – we discover the pros and cons of using them.

How does it work?
Relying on the medication you’re planning on taking, you’ll purchase a kit particular to that drug. Kits are available for the most typical medication including MDMA, cocaine and ketamine. If you’ve bought MDMA for instance, you’ll buy a kit to test for the presence of MDMA. Then in idea, the kit tells you whether your medicine contain any nasties or whether or not you’ve been fobbed off with a baggie full of talc.

As soon as your kit arrives, you’ll must don your Breaking Bad-fashion goggles and gloves. You’ll place a tiny scraping of your medicine onto a plate and drop the testing solution onto it. Next you’ll observe the color change and compare it to the reference chart. The reference chart will tell you what colour your drug should be and what other colours mean. For instance, in line with the ‘Marquis’ testing methodology, MDMA will go purple/ black whereas PMA (a a lot stronger and more dangerous drug often sold as MDMA) will show no color change.

How accurate is it?
The brief reply to that query is not very. For instance, the test will not pick up every type of ‘baddie’ – so just because your results say your capsule incorporates MDMA, it could’t assure it hasn’t been minimize with different – potential deadly – substances.

Some tests are slightly more sophisticated and can embody chemical compounds to test for more than one substance. These tests require you to test several scrapings out of your drugs. They may, for instance, be searching for substances like PMA, PMMA and MDA which are dangerous because they’re stronger than MDMA and infrequently take longer to take effect that means folks double-dose when they don’t really feel a high. However despite testing for more of the baddies, these tests can still miss different doubtlessly dangerous substances.

Testing corporations also state that lighting and impurities can alter your tests results. Basically, unless you’re a mastermind chemist, results are pretty ambiguous.

Are they better than nothing?
The truth that you’re pausing to think about drug safety is great. The more you consider what you’re taking and the place your medication come from, the more likely you might be to be safe. However sadly, at this level, testing kits just aren’t reliable enough. Some people argue that testing is best than blindly chucking mystery drugs into your bod, however the bottom line is, for those who determine to make use of the tests, don’t take results as gospel. Even if your outcomes look safe, keep in mind:

Don’t double dose, particularly when you’re waiting to come back up. Give it time for the drug to kick in before you chow down more.
Be around trustworthy buddies who can look after you if anything goes awry. Ensure that they know what you’ve taken, and whenever you’ve taken it.
Don’t combine your drugs as combos of drugs can have surprising effects on the body.
Stay hydrated with sips of water but don’t drink too much as this has its own risks.

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