Introduction To MySQL With PHP

Introduction To MySQL With PHP

Before you actually begin building your database scripts, you must have a database to position data into and read it from. In this part I'll show you the best way to create a database in MySQL and put together it for the data. I will even start to show you find out how to create the contacts management database.

Database Development

MySQL databases have a typical setup. They're made up of a database, in which is contained tables. Every of these tables is quite separate and might have different fields etc. though it is part of one database. Every table contains records which are made up of fields.

Databases And Logins

The process of organising a MySQL database varies from host to host, you'll nonetheless end up with a database name, a person name and a password. This information will likely be required to log in to the database.

When you have PHPMyAdmin (or an identical program) put in you can just go to it to log in together with your consumer name and password. If not it's essential to do all your database administration utilizing PHP scripts.

Creating A Table

Before you are able to do anything together with your database, it's essential to create a table. A table is a section of the database for storing associated information. In a table you'll set up the totally different fields which might be utilized in that table. Because of this construction, practically all of a site's database wants can be satisfied utilizing just one database.

Making a table in PHPMyAdmin is easy, just type the name, choose the number of fields and click the button. You will then be taken to a setup screen the place you need to create the fields for the database. If you are using a PHP script to create your database, the entire creation and setup will be done in one command.

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